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Photobook: "Please Excuse the Disturbance"

Photobook: "Please Excuse the Disturbance"

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This book is still in production, orders can be made and will start shipping mid March 2024.

This photobook documents Germany’s climate movement at a time when the awareness of the global climate crisis is omnipresent. It tells the story of people putting their ideals first and making a stand for more climate action.

Working on this project I delved into the world of climate activism on an intimate level: attending meetings, visiting homes and court hearings, observing people practising glueing their hands and editing videos for social media. I was also there for the action: waking in a barn the morning the occupied village of Lützerath was stormed by over 3000 police officers, the eviction of protesters enabling the extraction of a further 110 million tonnes of coal. I photographed Letzte Generation on more than 40 occasions across Germany in museums, and on motorways, bridges and airports - anywhere the group chose as their political stage. Also getting arrested once myself. Accompanying the photographs are personal essays I have written to give more insight into this, for most people, inaccessible world.

All books will receive a signed postcard, and all prints will be signed. I cannot sign the books directly as I am living in New Zealand (books are being printed in Germany).

22 x 27 cm
approx. 150 pages
approx. 100 photographs
Personal essays
In English & German
*final book design may change slightly

Signed prints are 21 x 14 cm and will be printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag

To be published by Verlag Kettler, design by Sebastian Moock

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